Why Open Cloud

Improve your company comunication and efficiency


With Opencloud you can travel around the world being connected always to your IT environment! With a simple browser and an internet connection you can reach your work environment wherever you are and with any device: a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. All this without installing any add-ons on your device. Is your pc no longer running? Don’t worry, take another one and start working again!


The Opencloud communication protocol has been engineered to allow you to navigate smoothly even in the presence of slow Iternet connections. You will have your collaborative environment always with you and you can interact with your work colleagues and friends via chat or videocall wherever you are. Think about it: a single system to take advantage of all the resources you will need!


To use the resources you need, with Opencloud you will not need particularly high-performance or expensive devices: save money on infrastructure and use the old devices you have in your company, Opencloud takes care of work experience and speed! Also think about the money savings you will have by no longer having to pay third party software licensing costs to get your cloud running! Still not convinced? Ask our staff for a test user!

6 important features in only one work interface

A complete suite of features reachable from all over the world without obstacles are the beating heart of Opencloud. Start thinking big: your IT resources will become a service and no longer an expensive challenge to update and mantain.

All your data can be consulted wherever you are, even from a tablet or mobile phone. Upload, download, share your files easily and securely from any device. You can access your data and resources even if you are not in front of your own PC!

You have a complete suite of applications at your disposal with all the functions suitable for your work activity: word processing, spreadsheets and company presentations always with you. But not only! Opencloud gives you the possibility to work or study from your local PC or diretly in the cloud, saving PC resources and costs of software licencies.

With Opencloud you will have a 360-degree collaborative environment: you can manage all your email accounts on a single platform without worrying about losing important messages sent and received. Manage all your email accounts with Opencloud’s versatile onboard email tool. All the most important features for you in a single interface that can also be accessed from a tablet or mobile phone.

If you urgently need to draw up a graph of sales performance or create a company presentation for a meeting,  don’t  worry! With the Opencloud on board tools you can do this and more from the office, from home or travelling.

From today you can organize conferences and business meetings directly from Opencloud without using additional software; you can simply see and talk to your colleagues in the company but not only … you can also invite external people to your private conference session.

The RDP module is the most revolutionary and innovative component of the Opencloud Enterprise version suite. It puts you in touch with your whole IT structure wherever you are and without installing any additional component or VPN: Opencloud takes care of the transactions and the connection  security! You can reach your servers, PCs or web applications directly from your collaborative environment simply using a browser.

A world of possibilities in your hands!.

We have structured a standard solution with all the most powerfull IT solutions to improve the work efficiency of modern companies.  However the real and great force of Opencloud is that it is able to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. The Open Source world offers thousands of applications to solve any type of problem, without license costs, which we can integrate with the work environment desired by the customer. Is Open Source not enough? Do you want to integrate licensed applications (Windows based) or fully custom applications? No problem! Opencloud has the flexibility to make it in a simple way.

Some applications have become fundamental in everyday life but also in the workplace. The integration of some of these apps into our work environment has proved to be an excellent opportunity to reduce the complexity of applications installed on local computers and to unify working methods across the entire group of employees and further.

Nowadays a lot of companies use applications for the task management to increase productivity and improve the project management. Following the requests of our customers we have integrated some excellent softwares that the open source market offers in this area.

Do you have a particular need?. Feel free to ask for it!. We help you to build the best work process and cloud environment fully adapted to your reality.

Dont worry about the limits of the VPN

With Opencloud you will no longer need complicated network or VPN configurations to be able to work or study wherever you are!
With Open Cloud you can connect with your remote server (or a whole compny windows ambiance) in a Bar, a Hotel, in airports or on airplanes without any complications! Connect with your work or office environment in any place, at any time, in total safety even in the presence of public Wi-Fi or slow connections.

OpenCloud Means


You can enjoy all the Opencloud’s potential in a simple way! This means that you can access all its features from any device with a browser and an internet connection: from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC without installing any software!


Opencloud was developed with a communication protocol specifically designed to allow you to surf smoothly even through low-bandwidth internet connections (1 Mb download). Don’t you believe it? Let’s try its excellent performances.


Opencloud was developed thinking about the user in terms of security and privacy. It has encrypted communication with “Primus” guarantee and full freedom for the customer to install the solution on servers not matter where they are. It can be implemented on your local servers, hosted or in housing by our partners or wherever you decide!


Opencloud’s technology is based on low-frequency image transfer between servers and clients, so it doesn’t matter which processes you are using from the remote PC or server. You can use a simple text editor or complex graphics software, Opencloud’s user experience doesn’t change.


How many company PCs you want to reach with your simple opencloud account! Use low cost devices to access the features and applications of a remote Power PC. Do you want to obtain more than that? Share a Power PC with 5 users at the same time!


Opencloud offers a big number of solutions cheaper than the competitors. Do you want to save more money? Contact our resellers to access the offers reserved for companies with more than 20 employees!


Wai Change Riders

Change management company, operates between South America and the United States, and so travels often to work with clients in different countries…

FB Consulting

The customer is in great difficulty: by one side he feels comfortable with the management system and wants to continue to use it, on the other side he would like to be able to use it in the cloud, with the enormous advantage of accessing data from anywhere in the world…

Doctor Anastasia B

Dr. B works as a psychologist in her private bureau and as a consultant for several realities for which she needs to travel and move. Anastasia likes to move light, she doesn’t like the idea of ​​having a heavy and big laptop.

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