Doctor Anastasia B

Version: Data storage on Cloud
Customer: Doctor Anastasia B, Psychologist
Settore: Psychology and personal wellness

Her issue:

Dr. B works as a psychologist in her private bureau and as a consultant for several realities for which she needs to travel and move. Anastasia likes to move light, she doesn’t like the idea of ​​having a heavy and big laptop.

The customer’s request was:

Do not be tied to a specific computer because, despite having its own personal laptop, in the various workplaces sometimes is not possible to carry it with her

Do not be worried about accessing her data without the need to carry a “pendrive” or an external disk with her

Be sure that the data is always synchronized, and without the risk of being lost or be seen by other people


Le richieste del cliente sono state soddisfatte con le funzionalità del pacchetto OpenCloud Pro:

soluzioni di cloudcomputing su misura a trento

1- Opencloud: gave her the possibility to create and manage  folders with data and files accessible from anywhere in the world. Now she doesn’t have to use the mail, pendrive or any other method to transport data from one device to another!


2- Office: the doctor basically uses the calendar, emails, the text editor and the presentations program. With the Opencloud application system, Anastasia has not only saved license costs, but also creates and modifies its files from a simple tablet connected to the internet … and more! All her data is saved and synchronized on the cloud! All her favorite applications in her virtual office!

Lightness and dynamism to work …

archiviazione di documenti in cloud

With Open Cloud moving becomes simple and light! With a simple tablet placed in the bag, or simply using a computer, Anastasia always works with her online work environment. Always up-to-date documents and the security and performance of the latest generation servers make our client’s work simple and enjoyable for the value of only two breakfasts a month.

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