FB Consulting

Version: Taylor made Cloud  
Customer: FB Consulting
Area: Company management and project development

The customer’s issue:

Leading company in business consulting that operates in South America, it is at a time when its legacy management software, which it has been using for many years, has remained in the client / server version and the manufacturer does not intend to do the upgrade to a version neither web nor cloud. The customer is in great difficulty: by one side he feels comfortable with the management system and wants to continue to use it, on the other side he would like to be able to use it in the cloud, with the enormous advantage of accessing data from anywhere in the world.

The customer’s request was:

  • Access the company management system directly on the cloud so that the entire administrative area is easily accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Dematerialize the IT infrastructure of the current office. Reduce costs by creating smartworking and moving the office from real to virtual
  • Share documents on which the company works with colleagues in real time without redundancies of file versions and avoiding sending duplicates or different versions via email and reducing the risk of working on obsolete documents
  • Avoid all the issues related to the configuration of VPN when using public wifi networks


The customer’s requests were met with the features of the OpenCloud Enterprise + Taylor Made package:

1- Tailor made Cloud: flexibility and customization capabilities are the main advantages of our system! We “froze” and virtualized the company server without applying any functional changes and then we published it on the privatr Cloud. Now by accessing the Home page of Opencloud, company users with the relative permissions find the icon of their management system integrated with all the native apps of our office solutions system. The management software on the Cloud not only allowed to bypass the natural obstacle of the typical client / server configuration by elevating it to a cloud / web application, but has also allowed the company users to access updated data from anywhere in the world, simplifying the work interface .

2- Opencloud: gave the customer the chance to access the folders and typical functions of the office package directly on the cloud. In this way, the company consultants can easily share documents and projects, and access these utilities directly from a tablet! The only requirement: an internet connection.

soluzioni di cloudcomputing su misura a trento

3- Remote Desktop: through the innovative Opencloud’s Remote Desktop system, the team has the opportunity to access all the functions of their PC from anywhere in the world with a laptop, a tablet or even a simple smartphone! The only request? A web browser connected to the network and an internet connection. Trust in us, your business isn’t too big or small to be on a cloud!

Customers also took advantage of it…

Before using OpenCloud the company sent a lot of emails with very heavy and elaborate documents. Often, since there are different versions of the same document, the customer was forced to check the various emails to find the previous versions of the files. With this new way of working, each customer accesses a cloud folder via login and password where he can find all the document history and can upload his own documents to share them with the company in real time and in a totally private network.

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