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  • Encripted and private File Manager with internal and external protected file and folder sharing
  • 2GB Storage
  • Private Company Wiki
  • Private Company Wall or Blog



  • All the Professional version features +:
  • Full integration with company Windows structure
  • Remote Desktop: Our full Webbased RDP solution provides to companies the most intelligent smartworking in the market.


Do you have particular needs?. We can provide you a Taylor made solution for your company!

  • Choose among Open source applications or simply integrate your Windows infrastructure to be accessed simply and safely by cloud using opencloud.
  • Increase the storage only when you need more available space!


Wai Change Riders

Change management company, operates between South America and the United States, and so travels often to work with clients in different countries…

FB Consulting

The customer is in great difficulty: by one side he feels comfortable with the management system and wants to continue to use it, on the other side he would like to be able to use it in the cloud, with the enormous advantage of accessing data from anywhere in the world…

Doctor Anastasia B

Dr. B works as a psychologist in her private bureau and as a consultant for several realities for which she needs to travel and move. Anastasia likes to move light, she doesn’t like the idea of ​​having a heavy and big laptop.

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