Wai Change Riders

Customer: Wai Change Riders
Consulting in management and business transformation

Their Issue:

Change management company, operates between South America and the United States, and so travels often to work with clients in different countries. Sometimes the consultations  last even a whole week, and then immediately  happens that the employee has to move to another customer, often together  with a different colleague. And after the consulting day, the Wai employee has to prepare the presentations for the next weeks completely from Remote.

The customer’s request was:

  • Traveling with light and cheap devices without high amount of data inside,  since the risk of loss theft or breakage during travel is very high

  • Share the documents they are working on with other Wai colleagues without having to send continuous versions via email with the risk of working on obsolete documents

  • Being able to access the company management system directly on the cloud to continuously see the company situation

  • Do not think about VPN o safe issues when using public wifi networks


90% of customer’s requests were satisfied with the standard features of the Opencloud Pro package:


1- OpenCloud: gave the customer the ability to access and work directly on folders as well as access to the typical functions of the office package directly on the cloud. In this way, the Wai team can easily share documents and projects, but they can also access these utilities from a tablet! The only requirement: an internet connection.


2- Remote Desktop: graphic development programs with dedicated licenses and need for high performance hardware? Are documents and personal data contained in the memory of the personal PC of each of the consultants?

Through the innovative OpenCloud Remote Desktop system, the Wai team has the opportunity to access all the features of their PC from anywhere in the world with a laptop, a tablet or even a simple smartphone! The only request? A web browser connected to the network and an internet connection.

  • Even from loaned PCs: since the Opencloud remote desktop does not need any app installed in the device to operate, some Wai consultants borrow PC workstations from their customers to work comfortably on their remote desktops. All without any risk: in order to work, Opencloud does not need any installation and configuration on the loaned PC; the personal data of the OpenCloud operator cannot be copied or remain on the loaned PC because the data is exchanged only online using a latest generation encryption system.

  • Even at the airport: before using OpenCloud, the company had used some conventional VPN systems to connect to their PC remotely, but these options was problematic during stops in places where Wifi services were not reliable (airports, airplanes , premises, etc.). This proved to be a major problem, as those downtime is often a great opportunity to produce work contents. With Opencloud, Wai consultants have found the system to work in any place in complete freedom and safety.

The remaining 10% …

3- Tailor made Cloud: flexibility and customization capacity is one of the main advantages of our system! After checking with the manufacturer of the management software used by Wai, we were able to install it directly on the Cloud. Now by accessing the Home page of Opencloud, users with the relative permissions find the icon of their management system integrated with all the native apps of our system of solutions for the office in the Cloud. The management system on the Cloud has not only allowed the wai users to access updated data from anywhere in the world, but also to simplify the work interface.


Other cases

FB Consulting

The customer is in great difficulty: by one side he feels comfortable with the management system and wants to continue to use it, on the other side he would like to be able to use it in the cloud, with the enormous advantage of accessing data from anywhere in the world…

Doctor Anastasia B

Dr. B works as a psychologist in her private bureau and as a consultant for several realities for which she needs to travel and move. Anastasia likes to move light, she doesn’t like the idea of ​​having a heavy and big laptop.

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